Our Story

Meet Doug

From the vibrant heart of San Francisco, emerges Doug Freeland, PhD student by day, and audacious innovator by night. Encased in a dorm, armed with ambition and a relentless caffeine habit, Doug navigated late-night study sessions, battling the common enemy of all nocturnal scholars: dwindling energy.

The comforting allure of coffee lost its magic, energy drinks played puppeteer with his nerves, and caffeine pills? Barely a blip on the radar. Doug needed energy, and he needed it fast. Enter his lightbulb moment: a snortable energy powder.

With a sound foundation in biochemistry and a daring spirit, Doug set out on a mission. His trusty allies were caffeine and inositol, a naturally occurring substance found in plants and animals. His goal? Crafting a snortable concoction that offered a swift energy boost without the jitters.

After a year of tireless tweaking, mentor consultations, and endless testing, Bump came to life. Snortable, fast-acting, and balanced, Bump gave the needed energy kick smoothed by the calming effects of inositol. The quick nasal absorption provided the immediate lift-off, just what the doctor ordered.

Bump not only redefined Doug's study sessions but turned his classmates into enthusiastic fans. Observing Bump's ripple effect, Doug decided to supersize his vision. Professionals, athletes, truck drivers - anyone in pursuit of a swift energy boost could benefit from Bump.

Today, Bump stands tall as a revolutionary product disrupting the energy supplement scene. Brought to you by Doug Freeland's sleepless nights and relentless determination, Bump is here for all those in need of a legal, efficient, and energizing bump to keep them going. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!
Note: I made a bet with a couple of my guys here that no one would actually want to read my whole backstory. If you actually did, you’re awesome. Use code LOVEDOUG at checkout for 15% off. Don’t tell anyone though, because they don’t care about me the way you do. LOL