So What's In It?

Meet BUMP, a symphony of science and nature, carefully crafted for those with a zest for life and a need for speed. It features two key maestros:

  1. Caffeine: The powerhouse of BUMP. Don't underestimate this robust compound, derived from the planet's most cherished coffee beans. Known as the great awakener, caffeine stimulates the nervous system and keeps you on your toes, or on the dance floor, if you'd prefer!

  2. Inositol: Caffeine's best buddy, and the unsung hero of BUMP. This member of the vitamin B complex has a reputation for calming and focussing the mind, smoothing out caffeine's sharper edges, and maintaining an even energy keel.

The magic of BUMP lies in its simplicity. The harmony between caffeine and inositol creates an energizing concerto, delivering a quick, clean energy hit without any unnecessary ingredients. Each dose is meticulously balanced, providing the optimal blend of wakefulness and focus.